Having established his trade in ancient city of Londinium, England, during the earliest part of the 80's,  our beloved moose began his epic quest to adorn lodges across the lands with luminous things of beauty;  stained glass  art radiating light, color and sensation; to illuminate the somber walls of humble abodes, through a bounty of imaginative gift items and private commissions. From there his humble works spread to places as far away as Tibet, China, across continental Europe & the Emerald Isle, as well as the Lands Down Under, for a showing of works in more than 20 countries around the world. (Many of which were Meditation Stars produced for the White Eagle Lodge, out of London, England.)

The Moose later migrated back to his homeland, settling in Conneticut in the early 90's where the stained glass studio was again reborn. There his stained glass wares could be found in a prominent local gallery in West Hartford, where he also collaborated on some other notably fine pieces.

Next stop for our wandering Luminous Moose was to be in Southern Vermont, continuing his tradition of  private commissions, as well as hawking a fine display of enchanted stained glass Wind Chimes and Sun-Catchers through his magical stalls at various local fleamarkets in Bennington and Wilmington.  From here too, he was a featured artist shown working in his studio in  the publication of "A Bear's Life" magazine, in their Renaissance Issue dedicated to highlighting a select few artistisans in their particular crafts.

Currently our  intrepid moose is rebooting in the heart of the artfully splendid Mad River Valley in beautiful and Historic Waitsfield, Vermont, having rekindled the flames of his passion as The Luminous Moose- Custom Stained Glass Designs.  

Here, The Moose awaits your call... what original, artful stained glass creation can he craft for that perfect embellishment to your humble abode?

The Commission Process... a general outline...

So you've decided to take the plunge and commission a piece of luxurious stained glass art, but aren't sure how it all works and where to begin...

There are some things you may wish to consider if you are interested in a window, lamp, terrarium or other form of exotica, but these are only suggestions and are not necessarily intrinsic to starting a project. I can work from as little or as much of an idea as you have. Each commission is unique.


1. Public or private space?

2. To advertise a business, light up a study, frame a view, create a mood, enhance a room or obscure a view?

3. Is it to memorialize a special occasion, such as a wedding or anniversary gift?

4. deadline???


1. Is there a preference for a specific stained glass technique, such as a leaded window vs. a Tiffany style copperfoiled window?

2. Is there a specific artistic style desired, such as gothic or art deco?

3. Are there any preferences in color choices?


1. Decide on a realistic budget range to work within.

2. There is a drawing fee if you wish to have a drawing before you decide on a project.

3. Installation and framing fees are separate.


Whenever possible, I like to see firsthand where the piece is to be installed, or to at least have an idea of the ultimate destination. If it is a window, this is critical for accurate dimensions. Ideally, with permission, I will take a few photos so that my design intergrates into and enhances the surroundings, at times borrowing concepts, shapes, styles and colors from the architecture, furniture and objects in the surroundings.

Other times commissioned creations are more spontaneous... one client came to me on a Wednesday, to commission an original terrarium for a wedding on Saturday. The only perameter was for something Celtic.

Another gentleman asked for a hanging lamp that was Celtic, Gothic, in Rainbow colors. When I saw where it was to hang, I realized it was perfect for a lamp that would throw a distinct pattern on the walls and ceiling, which I did using a combination of translucent and transparent colored glass.

My drawings tend to evolve, changing throughout production, as I consider and reconsider aspects such as the texture and temperment of the glass, stress points within the finished product, and overall flow of the design and character of the piece.

So let me know what you're considering, and then use the link below to contact the Moose, and let the creative fun begin!


My favorite place to shop for stained glass supplies... Lawrence Ribbecke Studios, in Burlington Vermont... check it out!


Where it all began... the first real workspace in London - early 80's - Electric Avenue... after using the kitchen table ceased being an option.

 Busy in the studio  Hartford CT- Colt Building early 90's

Vermont  ... more recent times...

The moosterious history of The Moose....

The  Luminous Moose, Brixton, London England
The Luminous Moose, Hartford, Ct
The Luminous Moose. Waitsfield, Vermont
article from "A Bear's Life" Renaissance Issue

An article from a few years ago...